For the love of electronic music.

New album Tertiary available December 19th


Electronic music composed from the heart of the Netherlands.

Gezz is fascinated by the abstract, by that what cannot be easily expressed in normal language. He uses romantic chord sequences and leads, abstract soundscapes and solid rhythms to discover and express metaphysical emotions.

Sound design tips and templates for a few synthesizers from different manufacturers.


You can find Gezz' albums on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.


- excerpts -
1. I Do Not Understand

2. Nothing I See in This Room Is There

3. These Thoughts Don't Mean Anything

4. I See Nothing as It Is Now

5. I Am Not Alone

- excerpts -
1. Thoughts are Images I've Made

2. Meaningless Thoughts Meaningless World

3. 10 Years

4. Really no Clue

5. Neutral Thoughts

Gezz latest album coming on December 19th:

- excerpts -
1. Preoccupied With Past Thoughts

2. Seeing Things Differently

3. Infinity Drone

4. Light In The World

5. Going Home

Free streaming and downloading of demo tracks and other experiments on:



Coming spring 2019: a new album of relaxed explorations of beautiful voice and synth textures.

Flien&Gezz: Just Be

Coming soon, a fresh new musical project inspired by space and adventures in our solar system.

Synthernational: Orbit

is a joint electronic musical adventure together with
Gernot Reininger

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